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Dear listener! Let me invite you to a fairy tale about a Gardener. Once upon a time there lived a fine man who loved his life and enjoyed it peacefully. Once he realized that his hands were roots that could produce magic flowers. These flowers were amazing, with a marvelous flavor which made everyone happy. [...]

The fairytale of my inner world

    Hello, I would like to invite you in the fairytale of my inner world. Its main characters are a wizard who created a marvelous world full of pure, endless love, and his student and friend artist. When the artist was small he had a dream that all people throughout the world would be [...]


  I wake up early in the morning  and see how the day is new and interesting. I am happy to hear birds singing, see how the season are changing  and the sun is shining or it is cloudy. All of this is a beautiful world that was created not by us. And thanks to whom who created it, since we can [...]

Interview 2012

Interview. December 7th, 2012.   Hello Slava!   – «How do you get the inspiration to create?» The inspiration doesn’t come to me. It lives inside of me. This is the enjoyment of the life itself. I get the delight from how the wind is blowing and from how the moon is lighting. – «How [...]

My works

My works bring happiness, beauty and everything glorious that exists when an artist is free. Nature gives us everything and the same way we should give ourselves without a trace. Now days a man has a choice: either be dependent or be free from politics, religion and different useless information. But one should go through [...]

Thinking out loud

Return to realism, that is to say (namely) to the deception, is impossible. No one made an exact copy of the nature, because every moment everything is changing and an artist is not able to capture it. I am not going to return to the realism. The life is constantly evolving. We are changing not [...]