Interview 2012

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Interview. December 7th, 2012.


Hello Slava!


- «How do you get the inspiration to create?»

The inspiration doesn’t come to me. It lives inside of me. This is the enjoyment of the life itself. I get the delight from how the wind is blowing and from how the moon is lighting.

- «How much time does it take to make one painting?»

Thirty five years (Slava laughs) – this is how old I am now. Through the life I was studding and growing. The accumulated life impressions are now being expressed on the canvas. But technically the painting is being done within several days.

- «How many works do you have?»

Closer to a hundred.

In 2011 my friend gave one of my works to the composer Emir Kusturica at the concert in Minsk.

- «Is your style being changed through the flow of time?»

Once I chose a certain color spectrum and I do what I like at the present moment. The color spectrum is an internal emotional state. I get a lot of pleasure from mixing the colors. I never thought of a certain style to follow.

- «Do you have your favorite artists?»

There was a time when I liked Mikhail Vrubel. But I never thought to imitate. The most important for me in the process of work and in the painting is the energy, the freedom, so that my creation would be alive.

- «What is the differentiate your works? What message do you give to the viewers?»

Energy – is the distinctive part. I want to bring joy to people. Previously I was working on a theme “a man and a woman” and about the unity of the human and the nature. Now I’d like to search for new forms.

- «What would you like to say in conclusion of our conversation?»

Life is beautiful. Just rejoice every moment. Make your choices. As of me, I choose the way towards positive. Less negative energies. More positive energies. Though they are often going close to each other….

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