The fairytale of my inner world




Hello, I would like to invite you in the fairytale of my inner world. Its main characters are a wizard who created a marvelous world full of pure, endless love, and his student and friend artist. When the artist was small he had a dream that all people throughout the world would be happy, and he still dreams about it. The artist’s mind was always filled with pure thoughts and care about people around. He loves what surrounds him: the sky, the ground, the air, all living creatures and he always thanks the wizard. Once the wizard gave the artist a ship and told him to make the sails, and that he would help him. These sails were the artist’s pictures full of joy of each moment of the life, everything what had happened to the artist were lessons which he studied with lovingly. This great school of life taught him to live and to do everything remaining in harmony with himself, to give people as much as he could. To percept this fairy life as a single process in which people can find some magic, see miracles in each moment of this life. To appreciate all you have.  When the sails are created everything seems to go so easily and the inner world is blooming; you need to watch the sail to get in the country full of love. With each day, month, year the number of sails increases and one day the ship will have as much sails as there are pictures inside an artist, this source is inexhaustible. There is always fair wind in this fairytale, so I wish you all to catch your fair win!

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