I wake up early in the morning  and see how the day is new and interesting. I am happy to hear birds singing, see how the season are changing  and the sun is shining or it is cloudy. All of this is a beautiful world that was created not by us. And thanks to whom who created it, since we can admire it! I was lucky in life – I became an artist – and because of that I see the world in the bright colors, that gives the beauty to my inner world. From the childhood I started understanding (feeling) the delight of this magnificence that is called “Life”. The painting created by man or written music  - all of this is the vaccination of beauty. We can’t live without art. It is a part of our world. A painting is the best gift that will help to develop and grow the positive senses – love, kindness, beauty, tenderness. All of these already exists in all of us. Look inside and you will see that a human is one of the best beings created by nature! Let appreciate and love the beauty of the nature and make the vaccination of beauty – though music, paintings, play and other forms of art. Be happy!

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